Every year, during the school March Break, the Sudbury Game & Fish Protective Association hosts the Trout Pond for kids (and adult kids). This is the Club’s main fundraiser. The proceeds from this event are used to maintain the Club property and for various conservation projects in the community.

After the March Break, the pond is taken down and the remaining fish are removed and brought to a holding pond where they are kept temporarily. Some of the fish are retained for a Family Day Fish Fry at the Club property in early summer. The remainder are released into a local lake approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources. The club has purchased a large tank for transporting live fish. It comes with an aerator to supply oxygen for the fish. The tank is available to local community organizations where there is a need to transport live fish.

When the Annual Fish Pond is over, the leftover fish are stored in holding tanks until the ice comes off the lakes in the spring. The fish are then transported to a local Lake and released.

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